Vedanta Asks Bauxite Security

Chairman of the Vedanta Group Anil Agarwal today urged the State Government to provide Bauxite Security to the “Biggest Investor” in Odisha.

Mr.Agarwal while meeting the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today said that the Vedanta Resources is the Biggest Investor in the State but without indigenous bauxite the plant cannot run.
In fact Vedanta has invested over Rs.50,000 Crore in Odisha since more than a decade and is yet to get raw material linkage. So the State Government was urged to appoint a Nodal Officer for expediting the supply of Bauxite to Vedanta.
Vedanta Group, which has established a refinery project at Lanjigarh in Kalahandi district and a smelter plant and a power plant at Jharsuguda, has been starving for raw material even as its refinery plant is located amidst heaps of bauxite.

Vedanta Chief impressed upon the State Government to provide Bauxite to the Metal Major from Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC) on a fixed cost basis in line with earlier agreement for a Joint Venture with the State Mining Major.
He urged that OMC is needed to make raw material available at the earliest from Kodingamali Bauxite Deposits.
Official sources said that the Gram Sabhas were held for Kodingamali Mines and the process is completed and Forest Diversion Proposal  is processed.
Mr.Agarwal urged the State Government to take steps on Niyamgiri Bauxite Mines in accordance with Judgment of the Supreme Court Of India.
Vedanta Boss impressed upon the State Government to be strong enough like Tamil Nadu to deal with the disruptive elements who are trying to derail the industrialization process in Odisha.
While replying to queries from Media Men on whether the disruptive activities would also be repeated when the State Government starts sourcing bauxite to Vedanta from Kodingamali like what happened in Niyamgiri.
Mr.Agarwal said the State Government should be strong enough like Tamil Nadu which successfully handled the spoilsports during the commissioning of the Kundankulam nuclear power plant.
“Government has to take a view on the disruptive activities undertaken by some vested interests who do not want Odisha’s natural resources be harnessed and people in the State get jobs”, said Mr.Agarwal while sounding pessimistic about future investment prospects in the State.
Referring to problems faced by investments in the State, Mr.Agarwal said POSCO and Vedanta continue to be the big question mark for Odisha.
Even as Mr.Agarwal did not take the names of the actors creating trouble for Vedanta sourcing bauxite from Niyamgiri reserve, he urged the State Government to be more strong to deal with such situation.

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