No Buyers For 1 CR Eggs

The poultry and fisheries sector in State has been hit hard due to the demonetization of high value currencies and left the farmers a worried lot.

According to sources in the Department of Fisheries and Animal Resource Development Department, the poultry sector in State has been hit hard due to the demonetization of high value currency notes with nearly one crore eggs lying unsold with the producers while fish auction centers have come to a grinding halt due to the move on November 9.
Sources in the Department of Fisheries and Animal Resources Development (DoFARD) said poultry farmers are sending SOS to the Department Secretary Bishnupada Sethi to tide off their crisis.
According to the sources, the daily egg production is over 40 lakh of which nearly 40 per cent are remaining unsold since the demonetization of high value currencies.
Jogeswar Hota of Hota Poultry Farm in Sonepur reported that he has around four lakh eggs in his godown with no buyer coming forward to pick them up. Though some buyers have approached him, they are offering lower than market price, he claimed. 
Mr.Hota has said that as a result he is unable to buy feed for the birds and is left with stock for only 15 days, said a senior official in DoFARD. 
Similarly one of the prominent entrepreneurs Prakash Rout has reported that the prices of broiler chicken has drastically fallen to Rs 60 from Rs 80 that prevailed in the market nearly ten days ago. His weekly sale has also fallen to 2.23 lakh birds from the earlier 5.5 lakh birds. 
According to him since the transporters are demanding cash payment, supply of raw material to his farm and payment to daily wage workers have been hit hard.
Overall, a 30 per cent reduction in sale of chicken and 40 per cent in eggs has been reported by the farmers since November 9, the sources said.
These farmers have urged the State Government to lift eggs under the midday meal program, said a senior official. 
Similar is the situation in the fishery sector also, the sources added.

Fisheries Director has reported that trading at landing Centers has been badly hit with a 30 per cent fall.
Trading at several Centers have also come to a halt as the traders lacked new notes.
The shrimp farmers are seriously affected as auction markets, which operate on cash transaction basis, have come to a standstill and production at ice plants have gone slow. 
The farmers are not harvesting shrimp and avoiding credit sales. The prices have gone down considerably and the situation has left the fish farmers a worried lot.

  • pravat ranjan singh 18-Nov-2016

    These people should demand compensation in appropriate forum or knock the door of Court.

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